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Crawler Carriers

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Terramac Rt14


Flatbed and dumpbed style units available. GPS technology available in units as well. The Terramac RT14 features a 28,000 lb. carrying capacity and is sure to get noticed for its ability to tackle the heavy loads.


Terramac Rt6


We are proud to offer the Terramac RT6. A compact, nimble carrier built to improve access to confined jobsites and remote locations. The RT6 is the smallest crawler carrier produced in the Terramac line and boasts a 12,000 lb. carrying capacity for hauling materials and industry specific support equipment. GPS technology units available. Get in touch with us!


Terramac Rt9


The Terramac RT9 was the first crawler carrier to be designed and released by Terramac LLC, and it rapidly took off as the best carrier in its class for its unsurpassed versatility. Contractors in drilling, pipeline, utilities and general construction now rely on the Terramac RT9 for its enhanced customization options and key features. Payload 18,000lbs.


Terramac Rt14r


The Terramac RT14R features a 360-degree rotatable frame along with a 28,000 lb. carrying capacity bed that can dump at any position. This functionality will bring improved efficiencies to the job site while minimizing environmental damage. Ideal for a variety of projects including environmental, general construction and many more. We have dumpbed units available. Call for more info.


Yanmar C-30 Tracked Carrier


Sometimes conditions make it impossible for ordinary pick-ups or dump trucks to even get to a jobsite. Swampy, soft ground, sand, snow, steep slopes and winding paths can bring a job to a halt. But the rugged, powerful C30R-3 all-terrain tracked carrier is purpose-built for just those conditions. The rubber-tracked, high-flotation, low-ground-pressure carrier productively operates in the toughest conditions, while also minimizing damage to environmentally sensitive areas. Which means there’s almost no place you can’t get to, and no job you can’t get done.


Yanmar C-50r-c3 Track Crawler


Dump trucks are great, if they can get to the jobsite. But low ceilings, swampy or soft ground, snow and steep slopes can be obstacles to getting a job done. Not with the C50R. This durable, rubber-tracked, high-flotation, all-terrain carrier is right at home in conditions where others can't operate. Even in places where it's impossible or dangerous to turn, the seat and travel levers turn 180 degrees together so you're always moving forward. Take a seat. You'll quickly see that conditions don't decide whether a job gets done; only you do. These units are built tough for the toughest jobs! We have several options to choose from: Closed Cab/Air units, open station units, Straight dumb, side dumb, rotator equipped units, and GPS technology. Call us and let us fix you up!


Ihi Crawler Ic 35


These units are small in size and have a payload of 6,614 lbs. At maximum capacity these units give off just 8.7 psi. making them great for environmentally sensitive job sites.


Ihi Crawler Ic 50


These carriers have decreased the down time associated with maintenance. The lower track frame consists completely of sealed components. All access doors and engine cover are large and easily reached. GPS technology. Call us for further information. Maximum payload 8820lbs. Avaliable in flatbed or rockbed. Payload 8,820 lbs. Available with Flat or Rock bed.


Ihi Crawler Ic 75


A product of heavy-duty construction designed to show off their high usability and functionality even in adverse working conditions. They are put to outstanding use in the Oil and Gas, Construction and Utility industries as well as in Military and Defense support. Highly dependable and efficient with 14,330 lbs. of maximum payload. Available with Flat or Rock bed.


Ihi Crawler Ic 120


Maintenance is made easy with segmented sprockets. All travel motors and lower rollers are sealed. Rear engine covers are removable to easily access components such as hydraulic valves, solenoids, and the engine filtering systems. 24,250 lbs of maximum payload. Available with Flat or Rock beds.


Morooka Mst1500vd


One of our hottest pieces of equiment. The perfect combination of payload and performance. Rubber tracks that are faster than steel tracks and give you the convenience of lower ground pressure. No special transport permit needed. Marooka will not disappoint. Call us today and ask about GPS availability and a custom flatbed unit. Payload 15,400lbs with Flat or Rock Bed.


Morooka Mst2200vd


North America's most sought-after rubber track carrier. One of our most popular pieces. We have flatbed and dumpbed units. Whether used as a dumper or carrier, these easily handle a maximum payload and has demonstrated versatility on pipelines, construction sites and a host of other applications. The MST2200VD features a heated and air conditioned cabin, backup camera, video information display, remote mirror and easy-to-use joystick control. Payload 24,250 lbs.


Rayco Rct1500 Crawler


Astounding crawler carrier manufactured by Rayco. Equipped to handle the toughest of jobs. Call us today for more about this machine. Payload 15,000 lbs. Flatbed only.


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