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8-16 Ft Root Drag/chain Harrow


An agricultural-style drag harrow that's great for use in the yard or field to level plots, break up soil, or grade an area. Also works well for spreading out pastures to allow grass to grow. A heavy-duty design with thick harrow teeth that allow the unit to handle tough jobs. Sizing available from 8-16".


Amco F-15b 18' Disc


The AMCO F15 Double Offset Tandem Disc Harrow utilizes folding flexwings to follow the contour of the field and a double offset tandem design to smooth the soil. Overlapping front discs cut through soil and residue, while the flow of soil off the staggered rear disc gangs fills in the center furrow. Use the F15 for primary or secondary tillage, seedbed prep, or incorporation of chemicals. Available cutting width in 18'.


Athens 12' Disc 093


This 12' Athens model 93 disc harrow has 32 discs made from the highest quality steel and 12 bearing hangers perfect for pastures, plantations, or smaller farms. Contact us today for more information on this unit.


Brillian 20-24 Ft Cultipacker


20 to 24FT cultipacker perfect for crushing dirt clods, removing air pockets, and pressing down small stones to form a smooth, firm seedbed. Where seed has been broadcast, the unit's roller gently firms the soil around the seeds, ensuring shallow seed placement and excellent seed-to-soil contact.


Brillian12ft Cultip. M1483


12 foot model. This cultipacker is perfect for all your tillage needs. Call us for additional information.


Burchland 16ft Batwing Crimper/draw Bar Type


Burchland Manufacturing's 16FT Crimper design allows soil to stay connected through the mobility of the machine's discs and keep straw crimped. It's unlike ordinary crimpers; it's a hassle-free process and a durable machine that will complete your job efficiently. Available in 3PT or Drawbar type. Contact us today to get yours.


Finn 8' & 16' Crimper


This 8' & 16' FINN Krimper attachment is the ideal partner to any seeding project that requires the use of straw or hay to protect the seed and help it grow by retaining moisture. The FINN Krimper anchors the straw into the soil to avoid loss of material or coverage. At the same time, it ensures the reduction of erosion and runoff while the seed is germinating. Alternatively, if the straw or hay is not anchored to the soil, it is subject to the risk of blowing or washing away by high winds or rainfall.


Sunflower 1321-18ft Disc


Capable of performing primary through finish discing operations and loaded with performance enhancing features, the Sunflower 1321 Disc from Sunflower can increase your efficiency with each tillage pass. 12ft 10in to 19ft 9in working width with an 18FT disc.


Rippers 5 & 7 Shank


When it comes to rippers, we've got you covered. 12ft to 17 ft Sunflower, CASE, John Deere & Unverferth. Ripper that provides deep tillage for primary tillage needs. Built on a solid frame with heavy-duty shanks designed to penetrate heavily compacted soils, it easily slices through tough crop residue to maximize crop yield potential. A heavy duty unit that you will need to satisfy your tillage needs! Available for rent in 5 and 7 shank models. Call for more details!


Sunflower Soil Finisher 6333-22


Sunflower 6333 soil finisher allows you to disc, condition, incorporate, cultivate and finish all in one trip. 22' working width. Features of this unit include: front rock flex disc gang with 19.5" blades, rolling basket, spring auto reset C tines, 9.5" bolt on shovels, 6 bar spiked tooth finishing drag, walking tandem.


Tufline 12' Culitpacker


Tufline's culti-packers help form a firm seedbed maintaining a uniform planting depth and allowing maximum seed to soil contact for better germination. This model is built with a heavy duty 3" square steel tube mainframe. Available in 12" wheels.


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